About Us
Working together for shared success

What can BomBmarketing do for you...

BomBmarketing is an independent digital agency, offering results focused marketing you can measure.
We have over 15 years experience working with customers from different sectors such as Fashion, Sports and Technology creating award winning communications that have helped launch new products, engage new customers, enter into new markets and help increase sales revenue for businesses.

We know that your customers are important to your business and that the relationships you create with your customer reflect the value you bring to them and their satisfaction in your services. You work hard to build your business and we work hard to get to know you and develop a shared understanding of your company vision, goals and objectives. Then we get to know your customers, what makes then tick and what will help them truly engage with your brand. We identify how and where you can improve your customers engagement at every stage of their journey from initial awareness to advocacy.

If you want to build your business, create new revenue streams and ensure your customers stay satisfied contact us today.

Full list of services we offer:

Consultancy Service
We can work with you to develop marketing strategies, create long term plans and define the tactics which support the development of your business.
Digital Marketing
Offering search engine marketing and analytics we will help you find prospective clients and use the wealth of Digital techniques to convert browsing to buying your products.
Website Design
Creating a website is more than just graphics design, its understanding your customers and how they interact with you before creating a journey which allows them to engage with your brand.
Copywriting for SEO

Content is King and that is never more true than on a website. We can write product and marketing copy which meet helps your business be found in search and delivers your message.

Translation Services
At BomBmarketing we can help you speak the language of your clients. With both English and Italian mother languages your business can reach around the world in growing your opportunities.

Language Lessons
More than just tranlsating your message, we can teach you how to speak, read and write in English, Italian and Spanish giving you the confidence to communicate as your business grows with us.