Consultancy Services
Helping you to increase value of your business and customer relationships

Consultation is not a dirty word!

BomBmarketing has a strong team of Digital Marketing and Consultancy professionals that can provide a comprehensive range of services dedicated to delivering a high Return On Investment (ROI). Our Digital Consultancy Service is designed to yield high performance results through providing clear concise metric based Digital Marketing solutions which are easily quantifiable. When it comes to the architecture of any online strategy a solid Digital Marketing blueprint is essential.

Not only do we have the skills needed to formulate fully integrated Digital Marketing strategies from the ground up, we also have the ability to ensure that your set targets do become a reality and we have an excellent track record to proving that point.

Creating high performance Digital Strategies

We work with you to create a Digital Marketing strategy based upon clear planning and metrics data. In a rapidly changing digital world it is now essential for your Company to have fully integrated digital strategies in place which are consistently audited and revised to sustain high performance.

Customer Retention Strategies

We can help you understand why your customers interact with your website and exactly what makes your customers come back for more. Using traffic and conversion analysis we can then help your customers make the transition from site visitor to customer and become advocates of your brand for repeat site visits and purchases.

A Quality Experience

We ensure your visitors are receiving the same high standards online as they do offline: Delivering to them the best experience possible. Discovering your company’s greatest strengths we can ensure both tone and imagery are up to expectations and that the Digital Marketing strategies we put in place are specifically configured and co-ordinated to evoke the right responses from your customers.

Let us help you...

Ensuring your Digital Marketing strategy is effective and your website is user friendly is essential - If you want to achieve high performance. Our Digital Marketing and Consultancy services have helped create some of the leading award winning strategies online: So why not let us help you?

What we offer:

Consultation Services

  • We offer a range of services to help develop your marketing and business strategies and define your audience.
    • Strategy and Planning
    • Marketing Audit
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Audience Profiling
    • Brand Development

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