Social Media Marketing
Creating friends wont help your business but engaging your customers can

Getting social doesnt exclude getting results

For small and medium sized businesses, Social Media Marketing is a very attractive way of generating awareness and preference for your brand, product or services. But the question always remains "does social media actually generate sales?" At BomBmarketing we work with you to create social media campiagns which form an integrated part of your communications, then we measure the direct impact of the campaign in influencing sales by providing you with qualified and quantified data.

We develop a holistic approach to your communications we will help you in providing information to your existing and prospective customers, and use social media as a space for dialogue with your business and teams to convert awareness into sales potential.

Identify your business goals and setting objectives

A Social Media Marketing strategy only works when it is based upon a coherent business plan with defined objectives and outcomes. We work with you to develop a social media strategy that helps to achieve your objectives, whether they be generating awareness or building a responsive community building to reducing marketing costs though well structured and measurable approach to your communications.

Choosing the right channels and tactics

All too often companies will choose social media channels not by audience or relevance, but because of the buzz surrounding it. We can help you avoid wasting time and money in the wrong place by developing a buyer persona to determine which channel and what tactics are going to create the right impact on your customers to meet your business goals and desired outcomes.

Promote your competive advantages

Social media marketing is a highly effective tool for understanding the strategies and tactics of your competitors. we can help you in the process of researching your competition so that you can develop a differentiated channel and content strategy which helps your brand and business stand out, creating impact with your customers rather than just creating noise.

Let us help you...

Ensuring your Digital Marketing strategy is effective and your website is user friendly is essential - If you want to achieve high performance. Our Digital Marketing and Consultancy services have helped create some of the leading award winning strategies online: So why not let us help you?

What we offer:

Social Media Marketing

  • We offer a range of services to help develop your marketing and business strategies and define your audience.
    • Developing Social Media Strategies
    • Building responsive communities
    • Buyer and audience profiling
    • Buzz and Klout Scoring
    • Social Measurement

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