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The art of engagement is having something relevant to say

Engaging Copywriting that creates impact

Your customers are people, and just like you, they respond to information that is important, relevant and well structured. At BomBMarketing we will work with you to develop a content and copywriting strategy which is designed to connect with your audience by being specific to their needs and your offering.

When we work with you, we know that understanding your business is the first step to delivering success, but the biggest step by far is ensuring that your content - be it imagery, product descriptions, marketing and promotional copy or a script for the CEO - is focussed upon achieving a desired outcome which results in more for your business.

Explaining your business benefits

The value of your company, its product and services can be hard to describe is a few words. But by working with you to identify your competitive advantageand competitive difference, we can help you to articulate why customers should come to you, stay with you and be advocates of your brand.

Communicating the W.I.I.F.M ?

Whats In It For Me - or WIIFM for short - is the art of ensuring that your message is right for recipient through the chosen channel. So if your message is a product advert on facebook, a 1500 word thesis isnt going to work! We'll work with you to match the message to the content, to the audience, to the channel so your message gets heard.

Inclusive not exclusion

Getting the buy-in from potential customers can be hard. Why should they switch brand, buy from you? What do you do differently, better? When we work with you we ensure you are supporting yoru customers through the buying journey, so we'll look at each touch point to help you optimise your content to drive business & revenue.

Let us help you...

Ensuring your Digital Marketing strategy is effective and your website is user friendly is essential - If you want to achieve high performance. Our Digital Marketing and Consultancy services have helped create some of the leading award winning strategies online: So why not let us help you?

What we offer:

Content & Copy Services

  • We offer a range of services to help develop your marketing and business strategies and define your audience.
    • Content Marketing Strategies
    • Copywriting for Digital Channels
    • Copywriting for SEO placement
    • Copywriting for promotions
    • Copywriting for lead acquisition
    • Copywriting courses and training

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