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BomBmarketing brings together 15 years of experience to help grow your business and create new revenue streams. Our experience ranges from development of targeted marketing strategies and creating award winning communications to the mangement of inbound and outbound customer acquisition and retention campaigns.  

We understand the pressures that face your business and we work with you to develop marketing strategies and communications which build long lasting and profitable relationships with your customers. From undertaking market research, the identification of new audiences and the development of your position in new sectors we provide the experience to help you meet your business objectives.

Some of the services we offer

Consultation Services

We work with you to provide a comprehensive range of marketing solutions dedicated to delivering a high return on your investment. Defining clear objectives and metrics we deliver high performance results through the application of both traditional and digital marketing strategies which are easily quantifiable forming the blueprint and architecture of your marketing strategy.

The services we provide include defining targets which are functional and so effective with regards to delivering a high ROI. Not only do our team have the skills needed to formulate fully integrated Digital Marketing strategies from the ground up: They also have the ability to ensure that ultimately, those set targets do become a reality. Our Agency has an excellent track record which goes a long way to proving that point. Click here to find out more

Digital Marketing Communications

Our team of experts engage early to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and customers’ needs. Whether we’re building a new website or developing an online campaign, our strategy team carry out thorough and detailed research to ensure your digital activity is relevant to the most important people; your prospects and existing customers.

Our range of online marketing services allows you to connect with your target markets through innovative and measurable activity. We will create an online presence for your business that engages with your existing client base, boosts customer retention, and gives you exposure to potential clients. Click here to find out more

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing represents both an opportunity and challenge for businesses. We work with you to develop a clear understanding of your business, your goals and competitive positioning so that the Social Media Strategy we develop for you drives real business value and creates results which you can measure as quantifyable and qualfied metrics.

From the range services we provide, we always recommend a consultation which allows you to define why Social Media is a need for you and the outcomes you wish to achieve. Based upon this consultation we will create a startegy document which shows how we will engage with your existing customers to create responsive communities, and build your exposure to potential clients. Click here to find out more

Website Design

Our team work closely with you to develop a clear understanding of your business requirements so that our designers blend eye-catching creativity with technical expertise to create manageable, accessible websites, online assets, applications and tools. We can take your project from an initial idea, through creative visualisation, to delivery of specific business objectives.

Our approach is to look at your total business lifecycle and ensure that the solution in place fits the needs of your prospective customers, finding information about you and your products, your new customers, ordering products and asking questions, and existing customer that want to be your advocates. Click here to find out more

Content creation and copywriting

Since the dawn of time mankind has been using imagery to describe the world around us. The buzz around content marketing makes the process seem much more complicated than it actually is. We work with you to help you create relevant, high quality and enjoyable content that makes your audience want to read more, want to come back and want to share your knowledge.

Our approach to content creation and copywriting is 'Less is More'. By reducing the unnecessary your audience experience only that which is necessary, that helps them and engages them in their decision making process and ensuring that the imagery they see or words they read are relevant. Click here to find out more

Services we offer

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