Language Services
Building your skills using our experience

Developing communication and creativity through language

At BomBmarketing we believe that learning a new language helps you develops not only communication skills but also creative skills. Thats why we take your learning seriously and are keen to pass on our experince in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

  1. We know that everyone can learn a new language, now matter how far through life they are. We all use words to understand and share ideas, but communicating involves more than just the learning of grammatic lessons such as syntax, colloqualisms, and vocabulary. Our mission is to work with your teams to develop their language skills and non-verbal communication such as body language and cross-cultural understanding. By offering a range of language courses from Basic tyo Advanced we can help you develop your basic skills in English communication, or more advanced courses in Business English, designed to help you navigate the corporate boardroom with ease.

Language courses we offer

  1. Basic Courses
    Ideal for young learners and those that are seeking to gain a simple grasp of the english language.

    We provide material on the following topics which can be adapted to meet your needs.


    Our basic level English language courses are designed to help you increase your confidence and ability when communicating in English.

    Starting from the basics, we will prepare lessons tailored for your ability level and shall always include the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing to help you build on your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.


    Activities take the form of group work and gameplay and will include exercises such as:

    Reading a menu; asking questions; understand responses; asking directions; travelling on public transport; social interaction and
    speaking with friends; shopping and money; basic numbers.



    Intermediate Courses
    Suitable for young adults and professionals that wish to improve their language skills.

    The material in this course will focuses upon development of your comprehension skills.


    Our intermediate courses are designed to help you advance from doh-rey-me to what, why, where and how giving you confidence to read, write, speak and work in English.

    To help you get started we perform a few tests to understand your skill level and then design a customised course to build your comprehension of complex questions and sentence structures enabling you to progress at your pace to achieve your goals.


    The lessons we undertake farm the form of group work and individual sessions with homework. Some of the exercises we perform with you are:

    Topic based speaking; discussions and group dialogue; storytelling and describing situations; pronunciation and word-games; role-play scenarios such as the office, the meeting room


    Advanced Courses
    Targeted at professionals that wish to improve thier language and cultural understanding.

    The advanced courses are made to measure with content developed after discussion to understand your needs.

    Our advanced courses will prepare you for the challenges of international business, understanding tone and helping you communicate with colleagues, clients and supliers in other countries.

    The purpose of this course is to help you make you business more competitive on a global scale by enhancing your language and cultural knowledge and awareness so you can win new business.


    The lessons prepare you to speak English confidently in your career, focusing upon both your business and your English skills such as:

    • Business conversations and vocabulary in a variety of practical situations, useful business terms and expressions and practical speaking exercises in business meetings and negotiations



  3. Our aim is to improve our students English by increasing their confidence and communication skills. Our lessons include plenty of opportunities for students and professionals alike to use language and build their knowledge and confidence in English so why not let us help you today?